May 5, 2011

And the surgeon says...

I went to my last session of physical therapy this morning, then went to see the ortho surgeon a few hours later for a follow-up.
I was so excited.
I had finished my physical therapy, I had full extension of my knee and I could fully bend it past 90 degrees.
I thought for sure that I would be cleared to go back to work on light duty, working my way back up to full duty.
I've been hoping that I could. I am so bored at work and hate just sitting there.
What kind of supervisor am I when I cannot be on the floor with everyone and making sure they are doing their job correctly and going through all procedures with patients??

The surgeon looked at my knee. He asked me to move my leg up and down and bend. He felt around while I did that and he seemed concerned. He said that the knee cap does not feel as if it's in the right spot...still.
He then examined down my leg until he reached my ankle and was horrified that my ankle has not changed. It's still doubled the size and burns. He thinks that the tendon was damaged and was misdiagnosed as a sprain with the first doctor I saw when the injury happened.
I'm scheduled for a MRI tomorrow afternoon where he will look at my knee again, and check out my ankle. He's referring me over to a foot surgeon to see what they can offer. Also, the surgeon is talking about scoping my knee to see what's going on around in there.
I'm still benched at work until June 5th.

So much for my positive attitude and working so hard at physical therapy. I thought I was really making progress...


The Girl In The Fedora said...

I'm so sorry sweetie, I'm praying for you&that everything heals back to normal&fast. Sorry that your going thru this....

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