May 30, 2011

Friend Making Monday [Edition 1]

This is my first post for Friend Making be gentle. Ha!
Found on All The Weigh's blog.

ABC's of Me

A) Anchorage, Alaska - Look at that! Two A's. This is where I live.

B) Bi-lingual

C) My life is so crazy!

D) I hate driving. I never got into it. Hubster hates that I hate driving because whenever we go somewhere, I make him do it.

E) I'm getting into exercising. It's fun for me! For now...

F) Football fanatic! Green Bay Packer fan for 22 years.

G) Great friend.

H) Hardworking.

I) iPhone addict

J) Just being me

K) Kill 'em with kindness is my motto

L) Law & Order: SVU addict

M) Suffered a late miscarriage.

N) My niece and nephew are my world.


P) I have PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome)

Q) Queen bee in my house. Hubster likes it that way.

R) I treat everyone with respect. You give respect you get respect.

S) School-bound

T) Trying to conceive.

U) I'm a very understand person. I have probably the easiest personality to get along with.

V)  I'm a voluptuous woman

W) Giving into weaknesses is my weakness.

X) Xenophobic. I hate being around strangers. I've never been one to be the life of a party with people I don't know. I'm usually really quiet with people I don't know.

Y) In search of the fountain of youth.

Z) I feel like I live in a zoo sometimes.


Kasi said...

Loved this and I'm going to do it too! :)

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