May 27, 2011

Meeting of the cousins

Since I'm feeling a little better and it's getting easier to drive, I thought it would be a great time to go out to the Valley and see my niece and nephew.
I picked up my sister and niece and we drove to Happy Hoppers (a big bounce house) where we met my brother's ex-girlfriend and my nephew.
My brother's ex-girlfriend just had a baby (with another man...not my brother) so I got to snuggle a newborn.
While the ex-girlfriend and I visited with the baby, my brother, sister, and the kiddos bounced and bounced.
I had a great time seeing them and we had a lot of fun. It was great getting the cousins together and playing for the first time.

Enjoy the pictures!

And of course me holding the newborn!
(Don't mind the messy's summertime and goes crazy!)

Have a happy Friday Blogarinos! Hope your weekend is great and you have great weather.
I will be working all weekend. Boo!


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