May 14, 2011

Six Word Saturday

I can log into Blogger again!
I will admit, I was having some withdrawl. It was annoying not being able to post when I great idea for a post! Now I lost my mojo.


New lifestyle change, wish us luck!
Hubster and I are starting a new lifestyle change. We're going through our bills, cutting costs, AND starting to eat differently. Both of us have struggled with our weight off and on. I was a lot bigger in the past and lost, but I gained some back and I just feel horrible.
Hoping for success! I know it's hard, but we're dedicated and prepared to struggle!


Hopefully I'm Minnesota-bound in September!
Carrie is due September 22nd and hopefully I'll have some money saved away so I can be there when she gives birth. I'm so excited! 
Happy Six Word Saturday Blogarinos! 

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AudreyO said...

It's amazing how much weight we can lose when we change our cooking habits. Found you from 6WS

Becca said...

Good luck on the weight loss and the things are exciting!

Kasi said...

Good luck on the lifestyle change :)

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