May 21, 2011

Six Word Saturday

So excited to see my mom! 

My mom works up north on the Alaska Pipeline so she's gone for weeks at a time.
When she first started, she would two weeks on and two weeks off. Now that she got a promotion a few months ago, she's sometimes gone for 4-6 weeks with 1-2 weeks off.
She also lives in another town, so the night before she has to leave, she comes into town and stays at my place and I drive her to the airport the next morning.
Well, I haven't seen my mom in three months! Her schedule has been so out of whack that she's been working her butt off.
She's going to be coming to my place this afternoon and I'll see her when I get off work. I almost don't want to go to work so I can spend the entire day with her!
I cherish the few moments we get to see each other a year.

Have a happy Saturday Blogarinos!

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Kasi said...

That is so cool! Hope you have a great rest of Saturday with your mom! :)

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