May 12, 2011

Still waiting...

I had a MRI done last Friday on my ankle because the swelling has not gone down.
My knee cap is still making a funny noise and not sitting in the right place on my knee.
Whenever I put weight on my leg, a sharp pain goes from the tip of my knee cap all the way down to the bottom of my foot.
I'm still waiting for the MRI results.

So for now, as I sit and wait, I have to deal with this.

Meet Ethel. She's the nasty lump on my ankle that will not go away and causes the massive swelling.
I hate her.
For now, I limit the time I wear socks. They just cut off the circulation of my foot and makes the swelling worse.
I still cannot wear a sneaker. I'm stuck in Crocs wherever I go.

Please Dr. S! Call me and let me know what the results are so I can fix this and go back to work!


Lin said...

Holy smokes Ethel is big...hope she goes away soon :)

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