May 4, 2011

Things I've been doing while away from Blogger

I've been a little MIA lately.
I've been so busy with life.

Things I've been doing while away from my blog:
  • Going to physical therapy. I have one more session left on Thursday, then I have a doctor's appointment later on that afternoon. Hopefully I have some good news. I haven't touched a patient in over a month! 
  • Crafting. I've been making felt flowers, doing a little bit of beading, and finding more projects to start. 
  • Dealing with meetings at the hospital. Since I'm on no physical duty whatsoever at work, I've been attending a lot of meetings to try and work out some kinks in the system. They are really eye opening. We're trying not to have an incident like mine happen again. 
  • Taking Gramma to all of her doctor appointments. She was finally cleared by her lung doctor to have breast surgery. Now I'm waiting to hear back from her breast surgeon to find out the details of when she's going to have surgery. Love the waiting game! 
  • Taking my van to Sears Auto Center five times. That's right. Five times! I took it in for new tires, new spark plugs, wires, tune up and a coolant flush. They had my van for nine hours before they called me and told me to come get it. When they gave the van back and I drove it home, it started to smoke really bad from the engine. I figured they had spilled some coolant on the engine when they filled it back up, so I parked it and let it sit for a bit. When I drove the next day, it smoked even worse. I took it back four different times and they said there is nothing they can do. Well after it smoked the last time, I popped the hood and found the leak. I called Sears again, and finally bitched at the manager and they agreed to replace a hose for free. Now it's smoke free.
  • Hitting up yard sales. I found some really great deals out there! I'm bummed because I'm back on my weekend shift, so no more yard saling the rest of the summer. Boo!
Hopefully I'll be back to my normal posting. I need to catch up on my Project 365 posts. I've been taking pics! Just have to compose the posts.

Have a happy Hump Day Blogarinos!


Lin said...

You sure have been keeping busy! Glad your grams got cleared for her surgery.

Big Fat Gini said...

I want to see the felt flowers and beading! I love crafts, I just suck at them...

Lisa said...

Whoo, that is busy! Also, Sears is the devil.

asano said...

Hey! I didn't know you are crafty person..Nice! You sure sound so busy, I don't think I can handle all that! I would be passed out every night:D Sometimes busy is better than bored I think!? :P

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