May 20, 2011

What I'm doing when I'm not here

I've been absent for a few days now. Partly due to lack of anything to say, feeling a little depressed, sleeping through my knee pain, and keeping myself busy with other projects.

Now to share my projects.

I've been tinkering around with making jewelry. It's so hard to find something I like and when I do, it's EXPENSIVE! So I thought I'd work around it and start making my own.

Nothing fancy, but I'm having fun creating them. I have so many more that I'm working on. As well as some flowers for headbands and hair pins.
I'm just going to keep crafting!

I'm back to work today and the rest of the weekend, so nothing fun going on my way this weekend.
What do you have planned?

Happy Friday Blogarinos!


Lisa said...

Fun! Have you thought about opening an Etsy store?

Jen said...

I love your necklaces. I second the Etsy or Artfire store idea.

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