Jun 17, 2011

Fill in the Blank Friday

1. The last movie I saw was: Damage. It is a movie that has Stone Cold Steve Austin as the star. Let me tell you, it was a total waste of two hours. Thank you brother! *Sarcasm*

2. I want to: find a way to have NON FRIZZY HAIR . <---I'm totally stealing Amber's! I HATE my frizzy hair!!

3. Surprises are: annoying! I hate surprises. Surprises in my life usually is something bad.

4. The best accessory is: one of my handmade necklace/bracelet/earring sets.

5. My favorite warm drink is: Sugar-free hazelnut mocha with NO whipped cream.

6. My favorite cold drink is: Diet Coke...hands down!

7. Currently loving: Having weekends off temporarily. Until I'm off light duty, I'm working in the office which happens to be Monday thru Friday. 

Hope everyone has a great Friday and weekend.
I will be celebrating Summer Solstice this weekend downtown!
I'm excited!


Big Fat Gini said...

You really hate surprises?

I love them. I mean, fun ones. Not the "hey mom, I just swallowed a marble and need to go to the ER" kind.

Happy Friday Nikke!

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