Jun 1, 2011

From the famous expression of Donald Trump...YOU'RE FIRED!

I fired my ortho surgeon today.
It had to be done.

I went in for another follow-up today to see how the physical therapy is doing. Dr. S asked me if there have been any changes. I pulled up my pant leg and showed him there has not been any improvements. My knee hurts like hell still and my ankle is doubled in size.
I have not been able to put on a pair of shoes (other than my Crocs) since I got hurt March 27th.

He looked at my leg, then turned to his computer and wrote out another prescription for physical therapy. I told him that the eight weeks of physical therapy that I have been doing haven't changed anything. Yes, I can now bend my knee and extend, but putting weight on it still kills me. I walk ten feet at work and I'm limping and my leg is swelling even more. I told Dr. S that I didn't think physical therapy was working and asked him what my other options were. The next sentence that came out of his mouth wanted me to hit him. He said,

"We'll try and exhaust physical therapy. I don't want to put a scar on your knee. We'll try another four weeks and see where we are from there."

Now I'm not WANTING surgery, but I have a feeling it's what will help my knee heal. Where the hell does he get off saying he doesn't want to put a scar on me? I then asked him what if the extra four weeks of physical therapy don't work...then what? He then said,

"Then we'll try MORE physical therapy."

I stood up, told him I wasn't comfortable with him being my doctor anymore and walked out. After I got in my car, it hit me.

Not once did he examine my knee.
Not once did he feel my knee.
Not once did he feel my ankle.
Not once did he watch how my knee moved.
Not once did he do any kind of exam.

He just looked at it and turned to his computer. He doesn't know what it feels like when I moved my knee while I'm walking. He doesn't hear the sound it makes when I take a few steps. It's like he doesn't care.
Maybe it was my fault since I was referred to him by workman's comp. They are probably in it together to do the least amount of work to get the job done so they don't have to pay a shit load of money. He hasn't even given me anything for the pain. I've been walking around on my knee with just ibuprofen. Talk about PAIN.

I called my workman's comp adjuster and told him I found someone else to take over and I fired my surgeon. He asked me why, so I told him and he said okay. Now I'm just waiting for an appointment.

Hopefully this doctor does something to help my knee heal. 


Lisa said...

I hate it when doctors don't even pay attention to their patients. Here's hoping your new one is much better!

...with ♥, Amber said...

Way to stick up for yourself. Thats great. Im glad you did what your heart was telling you to do. Were not talking about a simple thing, were talking about a limb. I hope your next doctor makes you feel comfortable and does what he is paid so highly to do..

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