Jun 24, 2011

How I spent my Father's Day

Father's Day for me is kind of crappy.
I don't have a father. He's a low life piece of scum.
Nothing more than a sperm donor that lied to my mother, knocked her up and knocked up his WIFE at the same time.
However, since marrying Hubster, I have been adopted by his father who is a great man, as well as Poppy. He loves all the girls more than anything!
So for Father's Day, we all went to his house and had a BBQ.

*Click on image to enlarge*

We started off with awesome angus burgers.

With some nice, fresh veggies to top them with.

Hubster and the brother grilling.

Then we decided to start a small fire so we could make some S'mores.

He was having a hard time starting the fire.

So he poured some lighter fluid on the wood. He got it to start!

Little Caden sharing his S'more with Poppy.

Caden giving his gramma bunny ears.

Sisterly love.

Gramma's beautiful smile.

I told Poppy to smile and he looked up and laughed really loud. It's my favorite picture.


How did you spend Father's Day?


Big Fat Gini said...

She sure does have a beautiful smile!

I am very close with my dad. It was my mother who bailed. Thankfully, like you I was blessed by some really amazing women in my life and I am so grateful for them. It sounds like you were too!

Glad you enjoyed your Father's Day!

Susan in SC said...

I love the picture of Poppy - he looks like a sweet man. I am so glad that your FIL is the father that you never had.

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