Jul 13, 2011

Bear Paw Jammin' Salmon Cook Off

This past weekend my mom came into town and asked if I would take her to Eagle River for the Jammin' Salmon Cook Off.
I was surprised because my mom has never done a cook off before, but the woman can cook! She is a head chef on the slope after all.
So Saturday we went shopping for the ingredients she needed to make her dishes. She decided on the Soups/Chowder and Entree divisions.

Momma doin' her thang!

 Cookin' her chowder

 Tellin' me to quit taking her picture. Ha!

 Serving her chowder to people

More people showing up to try her chowder

Mom was having a blast. She was being timed, but that didn't seem to phase her a bit! 
I wish I would have taken pictures of the completed dishes when she had them done, but it was so fast, I didn't think of it. 
While she was cooking, people could walk around and taste the dishes and could vote for the best one. Everyone who stopped by to try her chowder absolutely loved it! 
Her entree was a salmon stuffed with shrimp that she fished for herself from Prince William Sound. She was really proud of herself and so was I. This was something that she has never done before and tried. 
At the end of the day when they announced awards, she won 3rd place in the Soups/Chowder division. 
I'm so proud of her!


Lisa said...

That's pretty impressive for never having done a cooking competition before! Congrats to your mom!

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