Aug 11, 2011

Aunt Flo...paging Aunt Flo

Now I am in no way hoping Aunt Flo comes soon because:
a.) I hate being on my period.
b.) The pain that is going to accompany Aunt Flo.
c.) It's probably going to be a REALLY long visit.


I have tested and I am not pregnant.
I am going on cycle day 68 which is by far the longest I've gone between cycles in the last three years.
I'm wanting to start some new pills, but don't want to start until Aunt Flo has showed.
I'm even thinking about going back on Metformin. 

So, Aunt Flo, if you're reading this, will you please stop by for a visit?


Lin said...

It's like you're reading my mind! I'm about a week late too & I just took a pregnancy test (which was negative) just to be sure. I'm thinking it might be my thyroid though...we shall see.

Perfectly Unperfect said...

The progesterone cream that we briefly tweeted about was the only thing to regulate my periods.

I am not TTC...but if you ever want some info on it and how it has helped me...let me know.

Faery Chaos said...

Like you, I hate my period. The *only* good thing about getting is letting me know my body is sorta functioning!!

This AF was late (even with bc) and that is always annoying. But I have gone 3-4 months without a period and then the next one I do get is absolutely evil!!

I just started using Met in July so this is going to be an interesting road!!

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