Aug 18, 2011

Troubles in doggy land

If you read my last blog post, you will notice that I got another dog.
His previous owner is a friend of mine and she's moving out of town and asked if I wanted him. She said he was really laid back, great with other dogs, and house broken.
Well after a few days of having the dog, he is anything but that!
In the past 48 hours, he has done the following:
  • Peed on Cosmo's head.
  • Snapped at Cosmo
  • Bit Cosmo on the leg
  • Bit me on the chin
  • Bit my hand
I hate to do this, but I can't handle him tormenting Cosmo, or biting me.
I let my friend know that she needs to come get Fisher and find him another home.
I feel awful.


Kasi said...

I did this with a cat a few years ago...the kitten, Jade, was beating my cat, Chubby, up! I couldn't handle it and we had to get rid of her. Don't feel bad. You are protecting Cosmo!

Lin said...

Aw, that sucks but I totally get your reasons. I dont think I'd keep a dog that peed on my other dogs head (lol) or bit me. You gotta do what you gotta do :/

Bethe77 said...

So glad you found a home for Fisher. The pound is no place for any animal. Good for fyou for working so hard on that.

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