Sep 28, 2011

Fun in Minnesota

Hubster and I are having a blast in Minnesota!
This week we have:

  • Gone to a Minnesota Vikings vs. Detroit Lions football game at Mall of America Field. The Lions ended up winning in overtime. It was a good game even though the Vikings lost. The Packers won on that day. That's all that matters anyway. Ha! 
  • Gone to Mall of America. Let me tell you, this place is HUGE! I was tired after a few hours and we just went to the East and North side of the mall. We're going back tomorrow for some more shopping. I have a lot of pictures that I need to organize and upload. 
  • Gotten lost. Even with a damn GPS that I brought from home. I'm used to Alaska driving. We have three main highways and that's it! None of this I-35W North crap. What is that anyway?? 
  • Walked downtown Minneapolis. I can't wait to hit up St. Paul. I want to see St. Paul's Cathedral so bad! 
  • Snuggled with my nephew Dylan. It amazes me how seeing a newborn baby moving around amaze everyone in the room. 
I have another big day in the morning. MIL and I are going to do some more shopping for my BIL's new house and baby, then we're going back to Mall of America for some retail therapy. Meanwhile, here are a few shots I got while driving up to Minneapolis. 

Have a happy Wednesday Blogarinos!


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