Sep 1, 2011

Happy September and a sneak peek of my memorial tattoo

Today marks the 1st day of September which is probably my second favorite month.
I love the smells of the outdoors around this time in Alaska.
What I do NOT like is, it's almost winter time. Boo!

September to me means...
1 more day until Hubster and my six year anniversary from when we first started dating
2 more days until my nephew's birthday party (which I will be able to attend for the first time ever)
6 more days until I get my memorial tattoo for Katelynn.
14 days until my younger twin sisters' birthday.
17 more days until I'm Minnesota bound!
21 more days until my sister-in-law's due date and I get to meet my beautiful nephew!

September is very eventful for me!

As I mentioned before, I'm getting a memorial tattoo for Katelynn.
For those of you that are new to my blog, you can read the post here.
Katelynn was a daughter I miscarried late term.
Now this is just a rough sketch, but here's what I'm getting.

It's going to look a lot cleaner of course. It's just something I threw together on my computer a few days ago after a lot of thought. Next week, I'll let you know the story behind it. 

Happy Thursday Blogarinos! 


Lin said...

Look at all the stuff you have going on in! I really like the sketch for your tattoo, love the colors :)

Juliana said...

I love the tat! I also love/hate sep in ak.. I am not ready for winter or the S word.

Kasi said...

WOW you are counting down to alot! :) I love September too...It's a beautiful month...

And for some reason I'm just reading your Six Word Saturday...Hope the TTC wagon is good to you!! :) I remember being on there...

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