Oct 23, 2011

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Dear family and friends,

I realize that after announcing on Facebook we were moving to Aaron's parents' house on such a short notice has come to a surprise to you all. Many of you have been wondering why we are moving into Aaron's parents' home.

Well I have an announcement to make.

After much thought, planning, and number crunching, Aaron and I have decided we are
moving to Minnesota.

Why do you ask?

Aaron and Justin are extremely close. The three of us lived together for a long time to the point where I call Justin MY big brother. When Justin met Carrie and she came to Alaska to visit, Aaron and I fell in love with her as well as Justin and called her our sister. When Carrie moved to Alaska, the four of us were one big happy family. We grew on each other and loved to hang out and do things.
Carrie became homesick and wanted to move back to Minnesota, and like a good boyfriend and later fiancee, Justin followed.
Once Justin and Carrie moved back to Minnesota, Aaron and I went on and got our own apartment, but Aaron missed Justin and Justin missed Aaron. Justin and Carrie would try and get us to move to Minnesota with them, but Aaron's a true Alaskan. He could never leave. I've asked him before if he wanted to move, but he was so dead against it.
When Justin and Carrie called us and told Aaron and me that they were pregnant, we were estatic. Aaron was so excited to be an uncle until he realized that we were 3,000 miles away. He would stay up at night and worry that his nephew would never really KNOW his uncle. He knew he wouldn't get to see his nephew as much as he wanted and he thought that his nephew would grow up knowing he had family in Alaska, but not really know them, so Aaron brought up the thought of moving.
When he brought it up, I was against it. I didn't want to leave the comfort of the life that we made, but after much thought as Carrie's stomach grew, I knew it was something that we could think about. After all, I missed Justin and Carrie so much! I told him that we would check out jobs, apartments, homes, the cost of living, and the state when we visited.

While we were awaiting our trip to Minnesota in September, Aaron and I had many conversations with Justin and Carrie. We talked about housing and getting jobs and other things. I talked with my Grampa, who lives in Ohio, about the thought of moving closer to him and we realized it was something that we wanted to do. After all, Aaron and my Grampa became really close on the visit we made back in December of last year. I also want to be closer to my family for awhile. So it became final. Aaron and I decided to move, but we kept it from everyone. Even Aaron's parents. So Aaron and I planned how we were going to do it with Justin and Carrie and then we knew we had to let his parents in on it.

Aaron made a phone call to his mom and dad while they were on vacation in Southeast Alaska breaking the news that we had decided to move out of state. It came to a shock to them, but they said wait until they come back home to talk about it more.

They came back home to Anchorage and Aaron and I went over and told them about our plans. We told them our plan on how we're getting there, how we're going to save money, and what we plan on doing. After we laid out the blueprint, Aaron's mom and dad gave us their blessing. They even allowed us to move in to their home so we could save the money for the trip as well as pay off our debts before we leave.

I know this may come to a surprise to the family and friends, but Aaron and I have made the decision and we're moving on.

It's time to make memories and an adventure for the two of us. We hope we have your blessings as well.

Sincerely with much love,


Kasi said...

So does that mean no more blogging??? :(

Lisa said...

Good luck on your journey, and I hope everything goes super smoothly! Hope we'll still hear from you every now and again! :)

Lin said...

I think this is great news. A new beginning for you guys, in a new place...nothing can be wrong with that. As far as the moving in with family for the time being, I also think that's a smart move :)

Good luck & I hope you keep us updated.

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