Dec 8, 2011

Feeling accomplished!

As much as I love the holiday, I am ready for it to be over so I can RELAX!
Today I went to the post office to mail off gifts to my niece, sisters, and my aunts. I thought it was going to be horrible and I would be waiting in line forever.
Surprisingly, there was only one lady in front of me. I was in and out in 15 minutes!
Afterwards, MIL and I went to the storage unit to empty it out. We made room in the garage to put my couch and totes. Then I have to weed through it all and get rid of the stuff I do not want or can replace cheaply.
Less than 175 days and we are out of here!!
We even got our ferry tickets all set up. Our trip is almost paid for. I cannot wait.

All of our belongings fit in the back of my pick up truck. Ha!

Hope everyone has a great Friday!

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Dec 7, 2011

3 Years & Counting

How I love this man.

My three year anniversary was Monday.
I never thought I would be married in my lifetime.
I'm so happy I have found the one that completes me.

Here's to many more years.
I love you babe.
Dec 1, 2011

December already?!?!

Well it's the 1st of December.
This year has gone by so fast!
With this being my last Christmas in Alaska, I'm totally in the holiday mood!
I went out on Black Friday and did 98% of my Christmas shopping so I'm excited about that. I even got it all wrapped.
MIL and I put up the tree the other night.

It's a small one, but it's still beautiful!

Have you gotten your tree up yet? If so, let's see it!
I can't wait until everyone decorates the houses in the neighborhood.
It's my favorite part of the holiday!


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