Dec 27, 2012

Random Thursday: New Year's Edition

First off, I want to say that this year has FLOWN by!! So much has happened this year and I can't believe I'm saying hello to 2013 just as I'm getting used to writing 2012 on checks!

Also, I will be working on New Years Eve AND New Years Day. It sucks being the new girl.

Anywho, I have a lot of plans and hopes for 2013.

I plan to:

  • on my procrastination. 
  • ...get a good start on my first year of college. Lord knows I'm going to need help. I haven't done anything school related in over ten years! 
  • hard and get into the house I've been dreaming about!
  • on my anger issues. 
  • a better wife.
  • ...become a healthier me.
I hope: 
  • ...for good grades in school. 
  • become a healthier me. 
  • ...Hubster finds a job. 
  • ...I can learn to be a better wife.
  • ...that I can juggle work and school. 
  • ...for all around happiness.
So there you have it. My plans and hopes for 2013. 
Here's to another year!
Dec 26, 2012

Meet Flo

Say hi to Flo.
She's a 2000 Dodge Durango 4wd.
I bought her today.
Yes, I named a huge red object Flo.
If you know me at all, you'll get it.
I hearts her to pieces.
She really needs a bath!

Dec 25, 2012

Ten on Tuesday: Christmas Edition!

1. I'm done with everything Christmas due to celebrating early since everyone works crazy schedules.

2. I'm really enjoying my new job. So many perks especially the Christmas season!

3. We finally put up our Christmas tree the day before Christmas.

4. I got everything I asked for...and then some!

5. There's nothing better than seeing the face on my 15 month old nephew's face as we walked into the house and all of his gifts were in the middle of living room. He loved every thing about it!

6. I might talk Hubster into taking me to see Les Miserables.

7. I'm secretly glad everything Christmas is over.

8. I'm really missing Alaska family right now.

9. Excited to start Elf on a Shelf with my nephew next year. I have a crocheted version of the elf and absolutely adore it!

10. Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you all had a great holiday and have a lot of great memories to keep and cherish forever.
Dec 24, 2012

Christmas Eve Dinner

Since moving to Minnesota and only know brother-in-law and sister-in-law, my sister-in-law's family has pretty much adopted Hubster and me. It's really nice knowing they care for us!
We're always invited to family get-togethers and it's nice.

This is our first Christmas away from the family in Alaska, so sister-in-law's mother invited us out to Christmas dinner.
We went to Osaka's Sushi & Hibachi in Apple Valley, Minnesota for hibachi. I never had hibachi so it was a different experience. I heard it was a lot like Bennihanna's (which I never had before either).

The food was good, saki bombs were done, and great company.
Afterwards, we went to sister-in-law's mother's house and opened gifts from Santa.
I had a great time!
I can't wait to see what Santa brings me on Christmas.

Dec 21, 2012

I survived my first week

I have survived my first week of work!
I like my new job.
It's exactly what I've been looking for while in school. The staff is really nice and I get along with everyone. My manager is really nice too and willing to work around my school schedule.
Also, the perks are GREAT!
---I get 20% of cab fare when I call a cab for a guest. A trip to Minneapolis gets me $9 on top of that.
---I get 25% off at any restaurant in town.
---Anytime a restaurant delivers to a room, I get $1 coupon.
And the best part...
---I get to meet football players!
Maybe I should re-think the whole nursing degree...
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Dec 16, 2012

Sunday Social

This week's questions:

What is the wallpaper on your cellphone?
 This is what my home screen looks like.

I participate in a photo challenge, so I put the list as my lock screen so I remember to take the picture.

What do you keep beside your bed?
Basal body thermometer (for charting while trying to conceive), iPhone since I use it for alarm clock, a fan because I can't sleep without it on my face, and my water bottle.

What is your least favorite chore?
I used to love doing laundry, but I absolutely hate it now. 

If you could eliminate one thing from your daily routine, what would it be?
I just recently stopped smoking so that's a huge thing I eliminated out of my day! I'd also love to eliminate cleaning. 

What do you do to vent anger?
I know this is awful, but I don't know how to vent my anger. I bottle it up inside until I explode. I really need to find a healthy way to vent. I just don't know how. Any suggestions? 

What is your favorite Holiday of the year and why?
I like most all holidays, but Christmas is my favorite by far. I love the lights, the tree, the baking, and the family time, remembering why we're all together.

Dec 15, 2012

Six Word Saturday

So happy I got the job!

I finally got the call back and the manager offered the job to me. 
I'm so freakin' excited! 
I was really worried. 
It's nothing fancy or anything, but he's paying me what I asked for and he's willing to work around my school schedule. 
I'm glad to just have the little bit of extra income coming in so we're not COMPLETELY broke. 

This message brought to you by Six Word Saturday. Click on over to see what everyone is saying in six words. 
What are yours?

Dec 14, 2012


Lately I've felt like a slave.
I'm so happy to be getting out the of the house and going to work (yes, I got the job!) just so I can get away from the messes.
While I've been unemployed, I've been making sure I keep a clean house so brother-in-law doesn't get overwhelmed. Well there's two other unemployed people in this house. They always come up with excuses and make nasty messes.
Let's see how they fend for themselves for now on. I'm not going to go to school and work and come home and clean.
Rant over.
Dec 13, 2012

Random Thursday

I've been eyeballing a few things that I hope the Hubster picks up on. He bought me a Pandora bracelet for our anniversary with a camera charm. I'm hoping for another charm for Christmas. Possibly this one.

I've also been looking at a few things related to football. I'm a HUGE Green Bay Packers fan. I'd love a new t-shirt or hat.

Or a really cool owl contact case. How cool is that?!! My contacts are bored in their regular home. This will spruce it up a bit!

I've also been eyeballing some necklaces on Etsy. I love the handstamped necklaces on Etsy! I just love Etsy!

Also, for a present to me, I'm crocheting myself a scarf and ear warmer. I just need to decide the colors.

Dec 12, 2012

Review: Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal

***All statements are my own opinion. I was not paid to do this review. I bought the product with my OWN money. I would have the same opinion regardless of compensation.***
***Please excuse poor picture quality. My camera has been dead for awhile and I was using my iPhone***

Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal

I never really put much thought into the kind of deodorant I should use. I usually buy whatever is on sale, I have a coupon for, and what it smells like. 
After my mom beat breast cancer, then after having a grandmother fight it and my husband's aunt fight it, I started to really think about what changes I could make in my life to try and beat getting breast cancer. 
Besides changing my diet, exercising more, changing what type of products I use, etc., I never thought about changing my deodorant until I read studies about the link of antiperspirant deodorants and breast cancer. 
I couldn't believe what I was reading. 
So I was on a mission to find a new deodorant. I'm not one of those women that can go without deodorant for a whole day, so I was desperately trying to find a new replacement. 
I tried many different organic and natural deodorants and none of them worked. 
They would leave me all sweaty and stinky after a few hours of getting out of the showers. 

I was unhappy and wanting to go back to regular deodorant until I talked to my sister-in-law's mother who had cancer and after talking to her doctor, was advised to change deodorant. She was able to find one that worked really well for her so I decided to give it a try. What could I lose? 

Well I was out shopping when I came across this deodorant. It's called Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal. 

Please excuse my messy table

Back of the box

 Looks cute!

What the stick looks like

So, I only spent $2.78 on this little gem at the local grocery store in the organic section. I have also seen it at Walmart since buying (for 20 cents cheaper). I will admit that I was very skeptical at first. 
The instructions on the box say, "Moisten clean skin or crystal and apply generously to cover entire area. Reapply to clean skin as necessary."

The first time I used it, I got out of the shower and just applied it after drying off. It didn't feel gross and it didn't leave a gritty residue either. 
I had a lot of running around to do and I thought I was going to sweat right through the deodorant, but I was very surprised to feel so dry after peeling off all the layers I was wearing. 
As an every day deodorant, I was enjoying it! 

Now the next test was to see how it held up after a workout. 
I applied the deodorant a few hours before going to the gym and after my workout, I was really surprised! I was sweaty of course, but I didn't have any B.O funk like you would after not wearing deodorant for awhile. 
This made me really happy. 

So overall, I was really happy with the product. I recommend it to anyone who is looking for better and healthier products to use. 
I like the affordability, how easy it was to find, and how it protects from the sweat and the foul body odor.

If you buy it, let me know what you think of it. 
Have you used something similar? Share. :)
Dec 11, 2012

Busy bee

I've been so busy lately I haven't had much time to myself.
So instead, while I take a short break and collect my thoughts for the day, Cosmo is here to keep you all company.
He's asking for belly rubs.

They make him smile!

Happy Tuesday everyone. See you all back here Wednesday!!
Dec 9, 2012

Sunday Social

This week's questions:

1. Favorite Holiday Movies/TV Specials?
My favorite holiday movies are It's a Wonderful Life, Miracle on 34th Street, and of course A Christmas Story. It's not Christmas until you've heard the expression, "You'll shoot yer eye out, kid!"
2. Do you do any volunteering during the holidays if so what? If not what would you do?
I do Toys for Tots all around town. I get a few gifts and put them in the bins, as well as collect coats for the local coat drives.

3. Favorite toy received as a Child for the Holidays?
I'm such a nerd, but my favorite gift I got for Christmas when I was younger was a microscope. 

4. What was your must have item in high school for the Holidays?
I always had candy canes when I was in high school. 

5. Item you begged for the most and never got?
A dog. I always wanted a dog when I was younger, but I never got one. I always got cats. Blech!

6. What do you do on Christmas Eve? 
I always grab my thermos of hot cocoa, bundle up, and drive around town and look at all the Christmas lights. Some people go way out and every thing looks so wonderful. I'm hoping to start this tradition with my in-laws since moving to Minnesota. 
Dec 8, 2012

Six Word Saturday

I hope I get the job! 

I recently put a few resumes out on the interwebs in hopes to get a part time job before school starts January 14th.
I got one call back for a retail position. I had the interview and it went really well until it came to the wage. I know this is hard times with the economy and all, but minimum wage is not going to cut it.
I lost hope for awhile until another place called me for an interview. I went in and the interview was great, the manager spoke to me as I was going to get the job, but he said he had a few more people to interview since the ad has only been out 24 hours. I really hope I get this job. The pay and hours are exactly what I'm looking for.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed!!!!!!
Dec 7, 2012

Book Review: Eternal Eden

Eternal Eden
By Nicole Williams

From the description on Goodreads:
College sophomore Bryn Dawson is a self-proclaimed poster child for normal. However, the day William Hayward enters her life, normalcy is the last thing Bryn will be able to count on if she wants to be with him. Too mysterious and appealing to be good for a girl, Bryn feels drawn to him in a way that seems out of her control—as if fate is orchestrating it.

Despite every red flag and warning siren going off in her head telling her not to, Bryn falls hard for William, knowing he’s categorically different from anyone she’s ever met. She never imagined how right she was. When William takes her deeper into the rabbit hole of his world, Bryn must decide just how much she is willing to sacrifice to be with him, knowing no matter what, fate always finds a way to have the last laugh.

Spinning a new twist on star-crossed lovers, Eternal Eden will put Bryn through a gauntlet of turmoil, challenging her to find the power within herself to become the heroine in her own story.

My review: 
I gave this book 1 star on Goodreads. I just couldn't get past the awful writing. The author was writing things that didn't make sense as well as bouncing all over the place. She would be writing around one things than all of a sudden she's talking about something else. 
The first half of the book was extremely slow. It was like a bunch of teenagers instead of twenty-something year olds trying to be adult in college. Then it was obsessive. 
I really had high hopes for the book as well as the trilogy, but was deeply disappointed. I don't think I'm going to read the other books. 
Dec 6, 2012

Random Thursday

This week's topic is.....
....and do I have a few!!!

Don't judge. They are all very good!

What are some of your weird food combinations? 

Dec 5, 2012

Four years ago....

Four years ago I married my best friend.
To be honest, I didn't think I would ever get married, but when Hubster proposed....I nearly fell out of my chair.
We've clearly had our ups and downs, but we're strong and finding ourselves.
So happy anniversary's to many more!
When we got married

 Our second anniversary in Cincinnati, Ohio at a Bengals vs Saints football game

Walking along Potter's Marsh in Anchorage, Alaska 

Our trip from Alaska to Minnesota

This year's Christmas photo

I can't wait for many more years! 
Dec 4, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1. My anniversary is tomorrow. Four years ago I married Hubster. We've had some really happy times, and really dark times, but I love him more now than I did when I first married him.

2. I started my period Monday....finally. I'm actually pretty surprised. I've been having 60 day cycles for the past few months and I had a 45 day cycle this last month. I absolutely hate having PCOS.

3. I finally got all of my financial aid stuff figured out and I'm officially a college student!!!

4. I've been feeling like the black sheep of the family lately. My mom has been doing so much for my brother and sisters and has not once helped me. I've pretty much struggled for every little thing I have and I'm very happy about that. I feel accomplished and self-worthy of it, but it would be nice for my mom to help me out once in a blue moon.

5. I'm still waiting on my Christmas cards to show up. I can't wait to see them and send them out to everyone!

6. When out in public, say, grocery shopping, picking up prescriptions, out at a restaurant, what is socially acceptable to say around the holidays....Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas? Or does it even matter? I used to work in retail and I knew lots of people that didn't celebrate Christmas due to religious regions, etc and I always said Happy Holidays. I happened to have said that the other day and this lady totally went off on me! She starts screaming at me saying it's the Lord's birthday and I need to say Merry Christmas. Oi lady! I'm just trying to be considerate of others during the holiday season.

7. I may not have said very many nice things to lady above.

8. Why has no one introduced me to Pretzel Crisps??? I freaking LOVE the Everything flavor.

9. I applied for a part-time job yesterday. Wish me luck that I get an interview!

10. This is how I listen to my rap/hip-hop songs. Guy has skills!

Happy Tuesday everyone!
Dec 3, 2012

Boxed and sent!

These are the last of the boxes I needed to send out and I finally did it!
As of 5:30pm CST, they were pushed into the mailing box at the post office.
I was able to pay for the postage online, which turns out to be a tad bit cheaper on each box. Every cent helps now a days, so I was happy to save about $2 on all the postage.
I can't wait for the Alaska family and my blogging holiday swap partner to open their goodies.
I just have to wrap the presents for the family here in Minnesota and I'll be done.
Oh...and try to keep brother-in-law, sister-in-law, and Hubster from opening them all early!!
That's going to be quite the chore!
Dec 1, 2012

Six Word Saturday

Twenty four more days until Christmas!

And I can't wait for it to be over.

Head on over to to see what everyone else is saying in six words.
Nov 30, 2012

Teal Awareness

I have been a follower of Mr & Mrs O for as long as I can remember. It wasn't until recently that I found out she had an Etsy shop.
How did I miss that???

Anyway, I checked out her shop and found a TON of lovely items. She makes the most beautiful jewelry.
Well I decided to buy a Teal Awareness item to support PCOS awareness.
She was very accommodating to what I wanted with my necklace. I didn't know I was going to be as happy with the item as I am and when I opened the package.

I absolutely love the necklace.

You should check out her store.

Click here to visit the store

Nov 29, 2012

Random Thursday

Spending a majority of my life in Alaska, I'm a pro when it comes to winter items. Although winter is my LEAST favorite season, it comes with my MOST favorite items.
Without these items, I don't think I'd ever survive a winter again.

Here's my top 3 items I cannot survive without in the winter.

1. Chapstick. Um, hello! Who wants to go walking around looking all crusty. Chapstick is a must-have item to survive winter. My fav? EOS in Summer Fruit.

2. Scarves. You can never have enough scarves. When I walk into a store, I instantly hone in on the scarves. I love long, chucky ones, skinny soft ones, colorful, solid, pattern, etc. If it's a scarf, chances are I'm going to buy it. Here's my collection. (Don't judge. Also, my scarf holder was bought at IKEA for $2. It's meant for ties, but I use it for scarves.)

3. St. Ives lotion. This lotion is by far the best that I've tried to combat my dry skin. Not to mention that is smells delish! 
Nov 27, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

Holy late-ness!

1. I think I'm about to start my period because I've been really bitchy lately.

2. I am ALMOST done with Christmas gifts. I need to work that crochet hook a little faster. I hope Christmas comes soon so I can be done with all the Christmas crap. I'm just not feeling it this year. Maybe it's because I'm so far away from my Alaska family.

3. I feel the need to go out and make some friends. I hate living in a new state where I only know family. I love my SiL and all, but damn....I need some other friends.

4. I've secretly been looking at houses. I really want to move out of the situation I'm in. I'm hoping Hubster lands a really good job soon.

5. School starts soon! Waiting for financial aid to get their shiz together. They seem to want to take a long time with everything! My book list comes out soon and I'm not looking forward to paying the $500 in books I need. That's just for 3 classes.

6. I didn't realize how many boxes I actually have to send out this year.

7. The skin on my face is totally hating me right now. It doesn't know what it should do I guess being in a new cold climate and all. One minute it's itchy and dry and a few minutes later it's all oily and gross. Not to mention the redness. I've always had the worst face.

8. I'm still not happy with the groomer that cut Cosmo.

9. I'm really tired of everyone asking me if I'm ok or if I'm mad. No, I'm not ok, you keep asking me if I'm mad!!!!!! I just wish I could have an off day, be pissed about something stupid, then get happy about it.

10. I really need to schedule an oil change. I haven't had one since we left Alaska. It's been waaaaaaaaaaaaay over 3,000 miles. I know, I know, I'm a horrible auto owner. My truck is probably outside dying a little inside right now. I'm definitely going in tomorrow.

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