Jan 30, 2012

Missing Hubster....feeling down.

Life is just wearing me down lately.
I never see Hubster anymore.
I work days and he works nights...and our days off are different.
On my days off, he sleeps the whole day, on the days I work, I see him for about a hour before he has to leave for work, and on his days off, I work and get to spend a hour or two with him before I have to go to bed.
We don't go out and do anything, don't go out for dinner or date nights.
We don't ever get to sleep together so I've lost all snuggle time. If I'm lucky, he's still in bed when I get home so I get a few snuggles before he has to get up and get ready for work.
Our love life...pretty much non-existent.
I know it's not going to last forever. Just until we leave for Minnesota, but it's so hard!
My life is just so repetitive and I have to text Hubster just to tell him how my day went or if I need to talk to him about something.
Pretty bad when you have to Skype on the phone just to see your spouse!!
I can't wait until we turn in our resignation letters and have a whole month together when we travel.
That's what I dream about.
I really miss Hubster.


Lin said...

Aw, you poor thing. The hubs & I had this going on a few months ago & it wasn't doing us any good. He ended up getting his hours cut because he asked for more day shifts so he'd be home with me at night, which I'm totally ok with. Hope you guys keep toughing it out until your big move.

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