Feb 7, 2012

When is winter going to be over??

I am so sick and tired of winter.
It's been non-stop since October.
Usually in Anchorage, it'll start snowing, disappear, snow, disappear, snow and then stick. Not this year!
It dumped on us before Halloween and STUCK!

Another thing that's horrible about winter is the lack of sunlight.
I get up for work and it's dark, I get off of work and it's dark.
So on my day off when I went shopping, I came home and it was still light outside.
To my surprise, this is what I found...

A 12 foot icicle!!!!
I went around the backyard to get a picture of this monster and my mother-in-law took a picture of me behind it. Notice how deep the snow is. I have no legs!
We were both shocked at the size of this thing.

So after taking a few pictures, I over course knocked it down...carefully!
It took quite a few whacks with a metal blade shovel and it came crashing down.

I was freezing after dealing with that icicle! I figured I was already snowy, so I ventured around the yard for some photo ops.
While looking around the yard, I stumbled across buried treasure.

That is moose poop. It's hard to believe that women here in Alaska wear these little nuggets as earrings. Apparently a moose wandered through the 4 feet of snow in our yard and took a dump in front of our deck.

Yes, this is me sitting in the snow with Cosmo.
We're crazy like that.

So if you're listening Mother Nature, I'm ready for some greenery!


Big Fat Gini said...

We, on the other hand, would like to just have one! Sigh.

On the upside, we got about 7" of rain Friday night which helped tremendously against this drought. The downside to that was flash flooding. Seems like you can never win against Mother Nature.

Stay warm!

Lin said...

*shiver* Just seeing you sitting in that snow is making me cold. Also, it's hard to believe there are places with snow when we had 87 degree weather today :(

Kasi said...

Send some of that to NC please...we usually get a couple of good snows *good meaning an inch or two*. This year we've gotten 1 inch and it was barely an inch and was gone the next day by lunch. I love snow though. :)

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