Mar 1, 2012


I woke up from a dream that I did not want to wake up from.
I was at my aunt's house and my Grandma was there. It felt like it was so real.
We spent the day together doing all the things we loved to do.
We went walking by her house like we used to do after dinner when I would visit, we went shopping for craft things, we watched her favorite TV shows, and cooked dinner together.
Then at the end of the day, I had to go to Dayton to catch my flight, but I did not want to leave. She kept telling me it was ok and she thanked me for everything.
She was so happy to see me one more time, but it was time for me to go home because she wanted to go home.
We hugged one last time and she disappeared and I woke up.

I really miss my Grandma.

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Lin said...

Aw, that's sort of a sweet dream. I know you miss grams but at least you still see her in your dreams :)

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