Mar 17, 2012


Since my Grandma's death, I just haven't felt like myself.
I didn't know how hard I was really going to take it.
I'm such a hard person on the outside, but I've just been a bowl of mush lately.
Hubster thought I needed some cheering up, so on our day off together, he decided to drive me out to the Valley and visit my niece and nephew.

It was a beautiful drive. I often forget how beautiful the mountains are on the drive out there because I hardly make the hour trip. Especially in the winter. I hate driving our only highway when it's full of snow and ice.

Isn't it beautiful?

Hubster and I went to my sister's apartment to pick up her and my niece, then we drove to the next town over to visit my nephew.

Aren't they cute?!

My nephew loves video games now. He wanted me to beat the level for him.

My niece playing with her favorite baby.

It was nice spending time with the family. I need to visit more before moving to Minnesota.
I'm starting to feel my old self again.

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Lin said...

Aw, they're adorable! I can totally see why they' were so good at cheering you up.

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