Mar 5, 2012

Hazards working at a hospital

I come across a ton of things working in a hospital.
I work on all the floors all day long and deal with some crazy patients.
Well today I went into work and was paged to the ER to admit a patient to a unit.
I got the paperwork and introduced myself to the patient and began pushing the stretcher through the hall.
When I got the stretcher in the elevator, the patient looked up and said, "Help me! Help me now!"
So of course I scooted around to the side of the stretcher and asked what I could do to help and that's when the patient looked at me and projectile vomited all over the front of my scrub shirt.
Can I get an EEEEWWWWW?!
It took every fiber in my being to not throw up on the patient's face.
I can deal with poop, blood, brains, and nasty wounds, but I can NOT deal with vomit.
The elevator stopped and the doors opened to a bunch of nurses and doctors standing there.
They saw my shirt and offered to take the patient for me so I could run down to the ER and get a new shirt.
It was awful!!!
I'm staying away from the ER for awhile now.

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Amber said...

Oh no!! There is NO way I could have held my cookies. NO WAY. You are a hero. :)

Lin said...

O.M.G...that's so gross! You're definitely a stronger person than I am cause I probably would have thrown up on them. Hope your day got better.

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