Apr 19, 2012

Random pics

 Cosmo got a new haircut. Isn't he cute?!

 This goose tried to attack me. I went to my father-in-law's shop to check the mail when I went to Wasilla to visit my sister and I heard this awful noise like a bird was dying. I couldn't see anything, so I emptied out the mailbox. I turned around and saw this goose coming at me full force. Apparently I was too close for comfort to her nest. Whoopsie!

 Yeah...I got to clean and organize this mess.

Cosmo sunbathing whie I was cleaning out the garage. It finally reached 50 degrees up here in Alaska!!! Summer is on it's way.


Lin said...

You were almost attacked by a goose? That's insane! haha Glad you weren't harmed ;)

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