Apr 4, 2012


I have so much crap going through my brain on a daily basis.
Maybe if I dump it all, it'll make room for new crap.
Bullets for your pleasure ;)
  • It's less than two months before Hubster and I head out of Anchorage. I'm getting really nervous as the day gets closer!
  • We finally paid off our truck and credit cards so now it's just save, save, save!
  • Things at work are getting pretty hairy. We have so many disrepectful members on the team and my boss just doesn't seem to care. He named me a supervisor so I could handle everyone, but doesn't let me do anything when people act out, disrespect other co-workers or even patients.
  • The hospital has been talking about not renewing our contract. I'm worried I'm going to be laid off before we leave for Minnesota. If that happens, we're screwed! I'm counting on the rest of my checks to go in the bank so we have money for food, gas, and hotels.
  • MiL is getting meaner and meaner by the day. Her drinking is completely out of control. I'm so stressed out between worrying about money, my job, and getting everything packed.
  • I still have quite a few things that need to get done before we leave. I still have to get my windshield replaced, a tune up for the truck, and a box made for our TV. I also need to sell my couch and bed. Ugh!
  • My birthday is coming up and I'm not looking forward to it. I hate my birthday. It makes me feel like a failure every year when I don't have a baby to show. It's just a reminder that my uterus is failing me year after year.
  • a;dkfjaoeirnlekja;sdoijfalkdsjf --- Yeah, other stuff in my head floating around. I can't even bring it out in words.
Well I do feel better after typing it all out.
I just have to keep up my head and push through.


Lin said...

These random posts are totally necessary sometimes. I'm sorry that you're MIL is being so difficult. If I were you I'd try my hardest to stay away from her when she goes nuts that way you won't have to deal with it.

Less than two months til you're in your new home state, YAY! You better get on selling that bed & couch asap...hello Craigslist haha.

And you should be happy about your birthday doll, baby or no baby, at least you're hear & spending your life with your best friend. I get how you feel though, we've been trying to have a baby for the last few months (which I'm told is nothing) & still nothing, which always makes me super duper sad. I guess if it's meant to be it'll happen. Hopefully you'll be blessed with one once you guys move & you dont have to deal with all the in law stress :)

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