May 11, 2012

Another visit in the valley

My mother-in-law and I drove out to the valley the other day to drop off a couch and kitchen things I didn't need to my sister.
I also wanted to see my niece.
So MiL and I loaded up the old Dodge with all of the stuff and Cosmo of course and drove the 45 minutes to my sister's house.
I've always loved the drive to the valley.
Alaska has the most beautiful scenery ever!
I will definitely miss seeing this while I drive to the store, to work, or visit family.

I can't believe I'm giving up these views in a short amount of time.
Makes me appreciate it even more.

The visit with my sister and niece was fantastic!
She loved all the stuff I gave her.
Cosmo enjoyed my niece's company as well after warming up to her a bit.
It was hilarious listening to her say "Cos-o-mo come 'er" over and over.
He even let her take him for a ride.
He's turning into a spoiled brat I tell ya...


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