May 17, 2012

Bird watching in the 'hood

For some reason, there has been an abundance of seagulls in the neighborhood.
There is a little lake about two miles up the road from me and the ocean is five miles away, but in my water.

Instead, we have neighbors that throw their trash everywhere, so seagulls are sitting pretty.
Now I love Cosmo, but his barking makes me want to punch someone in the face.
He is such a yappy dog!
I've worked on trying to train him, but let's face it...he's six years old, came from an abusive home, and Yorkies are hard to train. I'm just glad he doesn't pee in the house.

So being outside in our wonderful spring weather, Cosmo is on constant watch for anything trying to penetrate the invisible property line of our yard.
I believe the seagulls know this and torture him.

Is that a bird over there??

That bird better not come in my yard...

Oh, a piece of bread on a roof. Just my luck!

 Step away from my bread!

 Mom, can I plz haz bird?

What am I going to do with him when we get to Minnesota and he sees squirrels?


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