May 29, 2012

Memorial Weekend [Pics!!!]

With Hubster and I leaving in just four short days, I went to get my younger sister and niece to spend the week with me for Memorial weekend.
I haven't been so busy in my entire life!

My niece, sister, me, Hubster, and of course Cosmo.
We went to Flat Top.

Potter's Marsh 

 My niece got to feed geese and ducks.

Saturday was our going away BBQ.
We had a really good turn out. Went through 60 hamburgers and hotdogs, lots of desserts, lots of laughs, and of course baby snuggles!

My nephew and niece.

Younger twin sisters and Cosmo.

Hubster and my new nephew.

 Dirt cups were a success!

My niece made a new friend.

My brother and his girlfriend.

Hubster and nephew again.

 My niece and brother's girlfriend's daughter.

 Uncle C and nephew.

My friend's son.

 Hubster's cousin and her boyfriend.

 Hubster and brother.

 Father-in-law, Poppy, nephew and brother-in-law.

Me and my friend's baby.

After the BBQ, we all went out to a local club and got pretty wasted. It was so much fun. I haven't worn regular clothes in a really long time with all the hours I put in at the hospital. It was nice to dress up and put on makeup!

It was an awesome week!
It was hard saying bye to my sister and niece. They cried the most which got me crying.
My mom couldn't make it to the BBQ because she was up on the slopes working, but we were able to say our goodbyes last Sunday.
Now all I have to do is finish my goodbyes to Hubster's family.
And pack....
I don't think I'll ever be done packing and we leave Friday!!!!!


Lin said...

What a fun weekend! So awesome that you got to say your goodbyes & go out for some fun with them. Good luck with packing.

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