May 11, 2012

Not so good news on the work front

I found out today that the hospital did not renew the contract with the company I work for, so as of June 8th, every one is out of a job.
The good news last day of work is May 21st.
I still feel awful.
So many good workers are going to be out of a job.

The hospital decided to not renew the contract because my boss is a money hungry buttwipe. He wanted even more money when they were already paying too much money. I understand the views from the hospital, but the nurses and doctors are going to be really upset when the Lift Team isn't there to do all the dirty work.

I wish everyone luck!
I'm just glad it was cancelled after my last day.
I need to bank the rest of my paychecks to get down to Minnesota.

Countdown: 10 more days until my last day of work!


Lin said...

Sucks. Like wow, that's really sucky for everyone that works there. On the flip side it's not that bad for you & the best part is you only have 10 days left!

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