May 9, 2012

Worst customer service ever!

When I shop around, I like to try to find the best deal and look at the reviews.
I called many places and looked around online for an auto detail shop a few weeks ago.
I saw mixed reviews about each of them, so I decided to go with where I got the best car wash.
I called the company (which I will keep private) and talked to the receptionist.
She told me that for $169, I would get the ultimate spa package for my truck.
It would include a complete wash and wax, a complete interior shampoo, a complete wipe down and protective coat on the interior, side panels and consoles will be wiped, tire rims will be washed, and an engine clean.
She also told me that it would take five hours.
I was ok with that because I wanted a good job and I wanted the seats to be dry! I had a horrible experience last year with a different detailing shop.
So I set up an appointment for 9am.

Hubster called six hours later to see if our truck was ready. The lady on the phone said it wouldn't be done until 5:30pm. We were a little upset with this, but we figured it might have not dried all the way or something.
So at 5:30pm, my mother-in-law drove me over to the shop.

As I was walking up to the window, I saw that my truck was still in the washing bay. I asked the woman at the window why my truck was not done, and she said that I was early and to sit in the lobby and she'll come and get me when the truck was done. I reminded her she said it would be done at 5:30pm. She then said that it only needed to be waxed.

At 6:00pm, I walked back over to the window and asked about my truck. She said that it was finished and she would be glad to close out my ticket.
I paid for the service and waited for the guy to drive my truck around to the front.
As I walked up to it, I noticed that it was nice and shiny.
The man handed me the keys and said that he was off and ready to clock out.
I got into the truck and started down the road.
It wasn't until I looked down to see how fast I was going when I saw the dash.
It hadn't been touched!
I was so upset.
I hurried home and got out of the truck and started going over every thing.

This is what $169 got me...

 Trash still between the seats

 Side panel not cleaned out.

 The middle console never touched.

 The glove box not even opened.

 Side door not wiped down.

 Wheels still filthy.

 Dust lines on the back.

Ashtray not touched.

 The vents with a layer of dust on them still.

Upper console not touched either. 

This company must like to give their paying customers shitty service.
I did call them right away and spoke with the manager.
He told me that he had a feeling the employee didn't do a good job.
I told him I was livid!
He said to bring the truck back in next week and they will do it over again at no charge.
I'm thinking about taking it in first thing in the morning and demanding my money back.
Why would I want them to do a shitty job all over again, and even more...why should I have to wait until next week to get it done right when it should have been done in the first place!
I have appointments to make and things to do.
I can not believe this happened.


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