Jul 26, 2012

Back on the bandwagon

So I've been absent for a bit.
Life has a way of getting in the middle of things.
Hubster and I have been talking and we've decided to get back on the TTC bandwagon.

I'm reluctant.
I just have been disappointed time after time after time.
This time, I'm talking Vitex.
I have talked to a few doctor friends back in Alaska before leaving the hospital and they recommended I try it.

I figured I would until our insurance crap got squared away here in Minnesota.

The side effects of Vitex sucks!
It takes about three months to be effective and see a change in your cycle, but that doesn't mean you don't feel like shit or get bitchy mood swings.

I feel sorry for Hubster. I've snapped on him for the stupidest stuff. The way he walks Cosmo, the way he puts the toilet paper on the holder, the way he loads the dishwasher.
I told him it won't be forever an apologize profusely, but he takes it like a champ.

So here's to hoping my cycle gets back to normal and I get some positive OPKs!!

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Jul 23, 2012

Weekend fun

So if you know me, or have been a long time reader, you'll know that I grew up a tomboy and never learned how to wear makeup.
That posed a problem when I all of a sudden at the age of 26 to start being more girly.
I started buying dresses, painting my nails, growing out my hair, but never had anyone teach me to wear makeup. My mom was a total tomboy herself and never wore makeup.

Moving in with my BiL & his fiancée was a good thing because my SiL loves doing makeup, so this weekend we had a couple of cocktails and I got my first makeup class ever!

So here's the after effect.

Not too bad!
Now if I can only get mascara off my contacts...

What is something you learned recently that you never bothered to learn in the past?

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Jul 12, 2012

AKtoMN Day 10

After the trip to Juneau and celebration, we were all beat!
We got on the ferry the next day and I swear every island was on the ferry. It was going to be a 21 hour ferry ride because the boat stopped everywhere to drop people off, so I splurged and got a stateroom so we could sleep comfortably.
Thank goodness I made our reservations early because that boat was sold out fast!

We were on the Matanuska to Kake, Alaska. 

The ride was beautiful when we left Juneau. We got settled into our stateroom and I of course hit up the gift shop and explored the boat! 
There was a commotion outside, so I followed everyone and what do I see???


Such a beautiful creature! 

 Taking picture of MiL and cousin
 Hubster taking a picture of me taking his picture
 Grave Island.

Such an experience!

AKtoMN Days 8-9

One of the reasons we chose to move to Minnesota the route we did was to partake in Native Celebration 2012.
The Southeast Alaska native communities all get together and share their culture, dances, food, etc.
Hubster wanted to see it before we moved, so we went and had a blast.
The dances, the regalia, the artwork, everything was such an awesome experience!
Hubster's family was the Keex Kwaan dancers. Keex Kwaan in the Tlingit language means Kake, Alaska.
They got the biggest crowd and the loudest cheers.
I was really proud of them!
Enjoy the photos!

Breezy Point Vacation

So I'm interrupting my AKtoMN series to blog about a trip I took July 4th weekend with BiL and his fiancée, Carrie.
We went to Breezy Point, MN and stayed in a timeshare that Carrie's parent own. It was awesome!!!

We drove the three hours north and saw a lot of neat things.

This was a huge lake called Mille Sac Lake. The water was beautiful. It almost looked like an ocean because of how big the lake is.

We saw this huge fish from the side of the road in Garrison, MN and of course had to stop and get a picture. My nephew and Carrie's sister's daughter is in the picture with me.

Our picture next to the water. That's Carrie's sister with me.

Dylan needed a break from his carseat. He had a lot of fun crawling around the back.

We finally get to the timeshare and we of course hit the lake for some swimming. We came home and relaxed a bit. The guys didn't come up till the next day so we had some girly time.
I got to bond more with my nephew.

The next day was all rain so we went into town and did some shopping. That's when we saw the neatest thing...

We just had to take our picture!!

The guys finally made it and we went to the lake and got our swim on. I put on SPF 50 all over, but that didn't even touch me! I ended up getting a horrible sunburn on my back.

This was taken when I got back from the lake.

This was taken a few days later.
I ended up blistering.
It's feeling better now.

When we got back from the lake, the adults got their drink on and I learned how to play a card game called Hand and Foot. That game was fun!

Afterwards, we let off fireworks and hung out.

I had so much fun. This is truly a summer to remember!

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Jul 9, 2012

AKtoMN Days 5-7

We reached Juneau on the ferry and dove right in to everything.
Best thing of all, I got to pick up Hubster and Cosmo at the airport!!!!!!
We had a few days before celebration so we dropped everything off at Hubster's cousin's house and went on an adventure through Juneau.
We even hit up yard sales, restaurants, parks, and hung out at the house.
 Hubster with Uncle Irv and Caden
 Hubster's cousin and husband wearing these awesome glasses we found at a yard sale
 Cosmo in Juneau!
 MiL and Cosmo
 This little cutie pie is Hubster's cousin's son
Cousin love
Hubster and Cosmo getting off the plane in Juneau

I had a lot of fun in Juneau with family and celebration. 
More pics of celebration in the next post.


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