Jul 12, 2012

AKtoMN Day 10

After the trip to Juneau and celebration, we were all beat!
We got on the ferry the next day and I swear every island was on the ferry. It was going to be a 21 hour ferry ride because the boat stopped everywhere to drop people off, so I splurged and got a stateroom so we could sleep comfortably.
Thank goodness I made our reservations early because that boat was sold out fast!

We were on the Matanuska to Kake, Alaska. 

The ride was beautiful when we left Juneau. We got settled into our stateroom and I of course hit up the gift shop and explored the boat! 
There was a commotion outside, so I followed everyone and what do I see???


Such a beautiful creature! 

 Taking picture of MiL and cousin
 Hubster taking a picture of me taking his picture
 Grave Island.

Such an experience!


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