Jul 4, 2012

AKtoMN Day 2

This was the longest driving day ever!
We got up early in the morning, ate breakfast, gassed up the truck and got some snacks for the cooler in my truck.
We went through the Canadian border which was a lot easier than I thought it was going to be.
I had a completely full truck in the back and traveling with a minor who was not my child. I had the proper paperwork though as his legal guardian, but I thought they were going to make a big stink out of it.

 Canada border
 Sitting in front of the Alaska sign
 We turn around and we're in the Yukon
 International border
Caden has one butt cheek in Alaska and the other in Yukon

We got on the road and all I can say is this...FIX THE DAMN HIGHWAY CANADA! 
The drive was awful. It was nothing but bump after bump after bump. Then dodging the frost heaves in the road was torturous. Thank goodness the road is completely desolate because I was all over the road dodging all of the gaping holes. I was not about to blow a tire in Canada and do a repeat of what happened ten years ago when I drove the stupid road and broke all of my lug nuts. 

I don't remember the Yukon looking so desolate. It was like zombie land. I didn't see a car for ages! Even though there were a ton of cars in line at the border. There's only one road! It's like the ground swallowed up every one in sight. 
It was nice though because I didn't have to worry about cars behind me when I needed to slow down so I wouldn't mess up my tires or suspension. 

After driving what seems like forever, we came upon Kluane River and ate lunch. I'm glad we stopped and got some food because there is nothing for hundreds of miles on the Al-Can highway. 
 In front of Kluane River
 Kluane River
 It was raining while we were eating our lunch so we stayed in the truck
 In front of Kluane River observation deck. Caden wasn't feeling good.
The potty's we had to use. They were gross.
 The sun decided to come out for a bit. 

We got back on the road and drove forever and ever. I had to climb a mountain and it got pretty cold. There was still snow on the side of the road. There was a lot of birds on the side of the road and they were pretty good at dodging the truck as I was barreling down the highway at 85mph. 

We decided to stop in the mountains for a potty break and came across this neat pull out. 
There were ptarmigans everywhere! There was even a rescue shelter that had a guestbook, rice, a bed, etc. Everything you needed in case you got stuck out there in a snow storm. 
My MiL wanted to get a picture of Caden and me in front of the truck so we went to pose in front of my truck when Caden let out a scream and said, "OMG you killed a bird!" 
That's when I saw it...a tiny bird I must have hit about 100 miles back that got stuck on the grill. Poor thing. I made Caden get a stuck and poke it off of my truck. He enjoyed that like most 8 year old boys would. 
 The dead bird
 Got a little cold in the mountains
 The only cop we saw in Canada
 Inside the rescue shelter
 The rescue shelter
Posing after Caden poked the dead bird off the truck
 Ptarmigan on the potty
Close up of the ptarmigan

After messing around at the rescue shelter, we got back on the road and finally reached Haines Junction in British Columbia. It was definitely a change from Yukon! It's so beautiful there!!! We stopped off at a gas station to gas up and back on the road. I could hardly keep my eyes on the road because of the scenery! 
As I was driving, I heard my MiL scream, "MOOSE!" 
I freaked out and hit my brakes when she told me to pull over. After I got my stomach out of my throat, I was able to comprehend. She wanted to see the moose. I look out in the water, and there was a momma moose with her two kids and she was teaching them to swim. 
 Moose swimming in the water
 The scenery in Haines Junction
 More of the momma moose
Kluane Lake

After hanging out and looking at the moose, we finally drove to the US border. 
I was so happy to see Alaska again! We had been driving FOREVER! 
We had to wait a long time at the US border for someone to come out and check us out. I got to see a bear though! My first bear in Alaska up close. 
 US border
Welcome home...again

We had only a 30 minute drive before we reached our final destination for the night. Haines, Alaska. 
It was beautiful coming in! 

It was nice to get to the hotel and just fall asleep. The next day was a free day!
More pics around the town of Haines, Alaska tomorrow. 


Lin said...

I love a good road trip but this would be WAY too much for me to handle haha. Talk about your butt going numb haha. That poor little bird made me sad but all your gorgeous photos made me happy again.

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