Jul 8, 2012

AKtoMN Day 4

We left Haines, Alaska and went to Juneau, Alaska and it was my first ferry trip ever!
I thought I was for sure going to get sea sick or something, but it was so smooth! Driving on the ferry was a little scary because I'm in a huge truck and can't parallel park worth anything, but the guys down there directing traffic make sure you're in the right spot.
Where the heck was he when I was in driving school and trying to parallel park?
 Driving on the ramp to the bottom of the ferry
 Malaspina ferry
The guy directing me into a parallel park spot

After parking, we grabbed our backpacks and went on deck. It was only a four hour trip, so I got to explore the entire ship and saw some awesome things. 
 Another ferry and cruise ship
This was our beautiful view the whole way!


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