Jul 9, 2012

AKtoMN Days 5-7

We reached Juneau on the ferry and dove right in to everything.
Best thing of all, I got to pick up Hubster and Cosmo at the airport!!!!!!
We had a few days before celebration so we dropped everything off at Hubster's cousin's house and went on an adventure through Juneau.
We even hit up yard sales, restaurants, parks, and hung out at the house.
 Hubster with Uncle Irv and Caden
 Hubster's cousin and husband wearing these awesome glasses we found at a yard sale
 Cosmo in Juneau!
 MiL and Cosmo
 This little cutie pie is Hubster's cousin's son
Cousin love
Hubster and Cosmo getting off the plane in Juneau

I had a lot of fun in Juneau with family and celebration. 
More pics of celebration in the next post.


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