Jul 26, 2012

Back on the bandwagon

So I've been absent for a bit.
Life has a way of getting in the middle of things.
Hubster and I have been talking and we've decided to get back on the TTC bandwagon.

I'm reluctant.
I just have been disappointed time after time after time.
This time, I'm talking Vitex.
I have talked to a few doctor friends back in Alaska before leaving the hospital and they recommended I try it.

I figured I would until our insurance crap got squared away here in Minnesota.

The side effects of Vitex sucks!
It takes about three months to be effective and see a change in your cycle, but that doesn't mean you don't feel like shit or get bitchy mood swings.

I feel sorry for Hubster. I've snapped on him for the stupidest stuff. The way he walks Cosmo, the way he puts the toilet paper on the holder, the way he loads the dishwasher.
I told him it won't be forever an apologize profusely, but he takes it like a champ.

So here's to hoping my cycle gets back to normal and I get some positive OPKs!!

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Location:Minneapolis, MN


Lin said...

I'm really crossing my fingers for you guys :)

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