Jul 12, 2012

Breezy Point Vacation

So I'm interrupting my AKtoMN series to blog about a trip I took July 4th weekend with BiL and his fiancée, Carrie.
We went to Breezy Point, MN and stayed in a timeshare that Carrie's parent own. It was awesome!!!

We drove the three hours north and saw a lot of neat things.

This was a huge lake called Mille Sac Lake. The water was beautiful. It almost looked like an ocean because of how big the lake is.

We saw this huge fish from the side of the road in Garrison, MN and of course had to stop and get a picture. My nephew and Carrie's sister's daughter is in the picture with me.

Our picture next to the water. That's Carrie's sister with me.

Dylan needed a break from his carseat. He had a lot of fun crawling around the back.

We finally get to the timeshare and we of course hit the lake for some swimming. We came home and relaxed a bit. The guys didn't come up till the next day so we had some girly time.
I got to bond more with my nephew.

The next day was all rain so we went into town and did some shopping. That's when we saw the neatest thing...

We just had to take our picture!!

The guys finally made it and we went to the lake and got our swim on. I put on SPF 50 all over, but that didn't even touch me! I ended up getting a horrible sunburn on my back.

This was taken when I got back from the lake.

This was taken a few days later.
I ended up blistering.
It's feeling better now.

When we got back from the lake, the adults got their drink on and I learned how to play a card game called Hand and Foot. That game was fun!

Afterwards, we let off fireworks and hung out.

I had so much fun. This is truly a summer to remember!

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