Jul 23, 2012

Weekend fun

So if you know me, or have been a long time reader, you'll know that I grew up a tomboy and never learned how to wear makeup.
That posed a problem when I all of a sudden at the age of 26 to start being more girly.
I started buying dresses, painting my nails, growing out my hair, but never had anyone teach me to wear makeup. My mom was a total tomboy herself and never wore makeup.

Moving in with my BiL & his fiancée was a good thing because my SiL loves doing makeup, so this weekend we had a couple of cocktails and I got my first makeup class ever!

So here's the after effect.

Not too bad!
Now if I can only get mascara off my contacts...

What is something you learned recently that you never bothered to learn in the past?

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Lin said...

Look at you, hot stuff! I learned how to apply make up pretty early on cause my mom was a beautician for some time. The thing is that I wore it so often in my teens that now, in my 20's, I never bother to put it on anymore haha.

You look great though! The eyeliner definitely makes your gorgeous eyes pop. When your home alone & bored you should practice applying liquid eyeliner cause practice makes perfect :)

Big Fat Gini said...


I started wearing makeup in 8th grade, but after having kids I just kinda stopped. I am SO not up on trends or how to's or anything of that junk. But, I have a good friend (Mrslolalynn on YouTube) who does tutorial videos and has saved me multiple times from making questionable purchases!

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