Aug 24, 2012

Plans are falling into place

I started a project back in Alaska, then the whole deciding to move got in the way.

I started making jewelry and hair accessories.
I've always had fun putting things together and making my own jewelry because I could never find the exact thing I was looking for in stores.

I always wanted to have an Etsy shop, so in a few weeks, it's going to happen!

I finally found my craft totes and started organizing everything. I've even looked at booth rentals for fairs in the future.

Now, I just hope I can sell some things.

Happy Friday Blogarinos!
Aug 22, 2012

Familiar Face

In 49 days I will see my mom!!!
I am so excited!
I haven't seen her since April. She tried to change her schedule at work to go to my going away BBQ in Alaska, but was unable.
She works on the slope in Alaska so she has crazy work weeks.

It's perfect timing too!
I was just writing how I'm lonely in Minnesota and she called and surprised me.

I have so much planned for the six days she'll be visiting. I wish it was longer, but I'll take any amount of days over none!
Aug 21, 2012

Comfort Food

There's nothing on this Earth better than comfort food.
Just smelling the familiar smell and connecting it with a great memory.

I'm lucky enough to have two different comfort foods.
One with my mom and one with my mother-in-law.
With my mom, it's her famous meatloaf and creamy mashed potatoes (Hey, I never said comfort food was good for you!).
It wasn't until today that I found the comfort food linked to my mother-in-law.

Tonight I cooked pork adobo for the family. I tried making it just like hers a few weeks ago, but although it was good, it just wasn't the same.
So I called her up and asked.
Turns out, I was missing an ingredient.

Well tonight, it turned out PERFECT!

What is your comfort food?
Aug 20, 2012

Never thought this day would come

It is finally CD 1.
After 59 long and tortuous days, I have finally started my period.
Such a weight off of my shoulders.

This cycle I'm doing everything.
Temps, opk's, charting symptoms, the whole shebang.

Wish me luck!
Aug 19, 2012

First steps!

SiL and I went to a jazz festival in Burnsville, MN today.
I had a lot of fun.
While sitting on the grass eating a snack, my nephew took his first steps.
I was even able to get it on video!!!!

YouTube Video

Aug 18, 2012

Six Word Saturday

I have just now discovered makeup!

I grew up a tomboy, so I never learned how to put on makeup.
It was awesome growing up because everyone accepted me for me. I never had to have the newest clothes, the prettiest hair, the best makeup.
All guys cared about was playing sports and getting dirty.
My kind of things.

As I've gotten older, I've been wanting to dress up and go out and look pretty.
It's fun!
So with the help from my sister-in-law, I have been learning how to put on makeup.
We went out last week to a comedy club and I did my own makeup.

Not too shabby.

Happy 6WS everyone!

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Aug 17, 2012

Amazing what a little fresh air will do

Well I've been down in the dumps lately as you can tell from my last post.

Today was a pretty nice day. Not too hot, but warm and sunny enough to enjoy being outside. I knew I didn't want to be barricaded in the house so I decided to do a little yard work around the house. BiL & SiL don't have a lot of time with him working a lot and her taking care of a fussy baby, so I like to do whatever I can to help out since I'm not working.

What turned into a little pruning of hedges and weed whacking turned into this....



I don't know where I got all the energy. I even came inside at dark and cleaned deep cleaned the kitchen.

Now if you excuse me, I stink like hog heaven so I'm going to hop in the shower and fold some laundry.

Happy Saturday Blogarinos!

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