Sep 23, 2012


The in-laws flew down last week to be here for nephew's birthday.
If you have been a reader of my blog, a friend of Facebook, or follow me on Twitter, you know that my MiL has a huge drinking problem. You will also know that she is a horrible, horrible human being when she has been drinking. You will also know that she drinks

In the six days that they have been here, my MiL has:

  • been drunk four times.
  • criticized how I clean the kitchen.
  • complained about how my SiL raises her son.
  • made my SiL cry twice.
  • complained that my SiL has not filled out the baby book completely.
  • tried to pick up my nephew while staggering drunk. When my BiL stepped in and told her no, she got mad, ran to my bedroom (where they are staying) and slammed my door which resulted in her busting the frame.
  • called me lazy.
  • told me that my classes I'm taking to finish my high school diploma are useless because if I haven't done them by now, I'm never going to make something of myself.
  • complained because I'm not looking for work. I don't have to. I make my bills. I'm working on bettering myself...bitch.
  • criticized my SiL because she's still breastfeeding.
  • complained that my nephew is still not sleeping in his crib.
  • gotten in my nephew's face and told him to STOP really loud when he would get whiny. 
I'm so ready for them to go home. 
We still have six more days.
Lord, please help me.


Lin said...

I don't know this lady other than what you put on here but she sounds like an awful woman, at least when drunk. There's only so much you can take before you need rid your life of the negative people, which sadly sometimes includes family. I know you dont see her too often anymore but she cant treat you this way, make those comments. I hope you stand up for yourself cause you deserve better, you're amazing for going back to school & you're definitely going to be someone :)

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