Oct 6, 2012

A day at the pumpkin patch

Fall has and always will be my favorite season.
Yeah, I love every season, but nothing beats a cool, crisp fall day with the smell of leaves in the air, snuggling up in a scarf while outside, or a nice throw blanket on the couch.

Being in Alaska, we really didn't have a fall. We had a few months of summer, then rain every day until it snowed. We certainly didn't have huge pumpkin patches you could go to so you could find THE perfect pumpkin. We had to settle for digging for a decent pumpkin that you could carve in a huge box. Most pumpkins being soft and disgusting.

Well, today the gang jumped in the van and drove about 40 miles South to New Prague, Minnesota to Barten's Pumpkin Patch on the hunt for THE perfect pumpkin.
It was so fun going through the patch and finding all the pumpkins.
Hubster had never been to one and it was fun seeing him like a little kid in a candy store.
Not to mention my nephew's reaction to all of the pumpkins.

This wasn't even 1% of all the pumpkins that was there.

Group photo!

How stinkin' cute is he?!

I love his smile.

Dylan found his perfect pumpkin!

Every one else found their pumpkin. I picked the HUGE one because I have carving plans with that one.

Now on our way to the pumpkin patch, we passed this huge yellow barn on the side of the road and it said World's Largest Candy Store. Of course we had to stop off after we picked our pumpkins! 

I wish I would have taken pictures on the inside, but it was so crowded! There was wall to wall candies, apples, nuts, local honey, 100 different kinds of soda, popcorn, alcoholic add-ins, basically anything you could think of. 
I bought some local honey and popcorn. Hubster bought homemade Bloody Mary mix and some jalapeno olives.
I definitely will be going back before they close in December!


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