Oct 18, 2012

Final resting place

As I'm typing this, my family in Alaska is traveling on a ferry to Petersburg, Alaska to put Gramma T to rest next to her brother.
I wish I could be there.
My heart aches because I'm not there.
The money was just too much. For just Hubster and me to fly, it was going to cost almost $3,000 on short notice. That was bereavement ticket prices too!
I'm glad I've been to the cemetery to see where Uncle John was buried so I know what it looks like. The cemetery is beautiful there. It's on top of a hill and over looks the ocean.
There was a service in Anchorage and a family friend took some pictures so Hubster and I knew what the casket looked like and all the people that were there to help celebrate Gramma's life.
I just wish I could be there.
It hurts that I'm not.
October 20, 2012 Gramma will finally be put to rest and I can get some closure.


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