Oct 30, 2012

I have a confession

I never graduated from high school.
I went all four years, but my last year I was preoccupied and just didn't apply myself. I was three credits short from graduating.
So...I just blew it off.
I was able to support myself and my family with a pretty decent job.
I did a lot of on-the-job training and worked my way up to managerial positions.
I also was able to take a PCA program with on-the-job experience and worked in a hospital for three years.
That's when I knew I needed to get into college.
I didn't want to have odd jobs.
I want a career.
So I grew the courage and signed up for GED classes a few weeks ago.
The placement tests were awful. I had no idea that I was that terrible in math. After studying my butt off for a few weeks, I was finally ready to start the final testings for GED.
I went in on Monday and took my math and science test.
I left feeling unsure of myself. Some of the questions on both tests were really hard and I was second guessing myself.
Well the instructor called today with the final grade.
You have to have a 410 to pass a test, but an overall score of 2250, so that's an average of 450 each test.
On the math test, I scored a 570!
On the science test, I scored an 800...which is a perfect score! I didn't miss one question!
I am so proud of myself that I did really well on the tests.
I have class tomorrow morning to take some practice tests for the Social Studies, Reading, and Writing tests so I can hopefully be ready enough to finish next Monday.
I am so happy with myself.
College is finally in the horizon!


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