Oct 17, 2012

Zombie Pub Crawl 2012

I've had a blast while my mom was here visiting. Although, the week went by way too fast!
I was able to have her yummy cooking, took her to Mall of America, and even went Wisconsin cheese hunting. 
The most fun though, was Zombie Pub Crawl 2012! 
Zombie Pub Crawl is when Minneapolis and St. Paul shut down and the zombies go crazy! 

I fro'd my hair and had nasty scabs all over my face. 




Me, Hubster, my momma

Family photo!

We went to Mall of America and got on the light rail to Minneapolis. When we first got on, we were the only zombies. There were two Chinese women that kept looking at us. Finally, they asked if they could take a picture with us. Of course we did!
After a few stops, the train was full of zombies and LOUD! 

We got off at Cabooze where the main party was. There were zombies everywhere! My mom was astonished. She hadn't seen anything like it before. She was such a good sport. 
Zombies, zombies everywhere!

Sister-in-law & Hubster

BiL & SiL


The bands were incredible that played during the pub crawl with the exception of DMX. He was supposed to be on stage performing at 9pm, but he didn't show up till after 10pm and sang four songs really quick then left. The zombies were NOT impressed! 
Gin Blossoms was awesome and a lot of the local bands in the Minneapolis area did a really good job. We were thumping and bumping! 
I also found out that my mom is quite a social butterfly! 

We got to meet and talk to a lot of other zombies. Crazy outfits! 

BiL with some chicks.

This guy was aweome! I want those contacts.

My mom was convinced this was Chris Brown's brother. Ha!

After all the drinking, the port-a-potty messes, the dancing, the sweating, and the last call shots from my mom's favorite bartender, it was an awesome night. We ended up taking the train back home and getting a cab. 

Now for the perfect ending of the night....

Even zombies have a late-night, drunk induced craving for White Castle! 


Lin said...

This is so cool! I love that all of you guys participated & it looks like you all had a blast.

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