Nov 10, 2012


Growing up, I was around addiction my entire life. My parents were addicted to alcohol which later turned turned into a prescription drug addiction, my brother had an addiction to some really hardcore drugs, my sisters as well. I even had an addiction to prescription drugs at one point in my life.

The best part is that although my family has been riddled with addictions, we've all over come the worst of it and leading better lifestyles. My mom has gotten help and a great job after kicking her addiction, my brother as well. I've even done well for myself.

The only thing I feel that's holding me back is my addiction to cigarettes. I want to live a better lifestyle, be healthier, and not be tied down to planning things around when I want my next cigarette.

As of Saturday, I will be smoke-free. I was able to quit for eight months at one time in my life, but I let stress get the better of me and started again. This time around, I feel as though I'm less stressed due to my living arrangements now, I'm happy with where I'm going in my life, and I have a quitting buddy. My sister-in-law is quitting with me so we can share out struggles together.

I'm ready this time.

Kicking the habit for good!


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