Nov 21, 2012

Cosmo's trip to the groomer

I've been on search for a new groomer for Cosmo ever since we moved to Minnesota. 
I haven't been able to find any good reviews on anyone, but Cosmo NEEDED to be shaved. It was getting too much for him and myself. 

 Cosmo before haircut

I called this one business and the lady on the phone was very pleasant, answered all of my questions and got me in pretty fast, so I went the next day. I showed her pictures of how I usually get Cosmo groomed and she said she had no problem doing that. 
She even commented saying she likes to do Yorkies the way I usually get him done.

This is how I get Cosmo's hair cut.

So the groomer told me that it would be a few hours and she would call me when she was finished. 
I left and came home to do some things around the house. 
She was asked to cut his nails, brush his teeth, take care of his ear hair as well as everything else she included in a groom. 
She called me a few hours later and I went to pick up Cosmo. I noticed that he was cut a little shorter than I had wanted and I told her that. She apologized and she then gave me a 20% discount because she was unable to cut his nails and take care of his ear hair because she said that Cosmo wouldn't let her. 
Cosmo has never acted up while getting groomed, but because she was new, I said that was fine. 
I paid the money and left. 

Later on that day I was on Facebook and I decided to see if the business had a fan page. The lady mentioned that she likes to take pictures of her work and post them and asked if I was ok with that and I told her yes. That's when I saw it. 
Cosmo was on her Facebook page and it was the EXACT cut that I wanted!!!! 

Screen shot from the page. Things are blocked out for privacy reasons of course. That is her font on the picture of Cosmo.

I couldn't believe my eyes. He was so adorable and I loved how his feet were cut round and really nice. 
After looking at this and looking at Cosmo, I want to know what happened!!!! 

This is what Cosmo looked like when I picked him up. You can clearly tell that his beard is gone and his legs fur wasn't as even as it was in the picture. 
He's still cute though!!! 
Just not what I had asked for.

I called the groomer the next day wanting some answers, but for some reason there was no answer or when there was, she was unavailable. I think I'm going to walk into the business and ask her what happened....


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