Nov 29, 2012

Random Thursday

Spending a majority of my life in Alaska, I'm a pro when it comes to winter items. Although winter is my LEAST favorite season, it comes with my MOST favorite items.
Without these items, I don't think I'd ever survive a winter again.

Here's my top 3 items I cannot survive without in the winter.

1. Chapstick. Um, hello! Who wants to go walking around looking all crusty. Chapstick is a must-have item to survive winter. My fav? EOS in Summer Fruit.

2. Scarves. You can never have enough scarves. When I walk into a store, I instantly hone in on the scarves. I love long, chucky ones, skinny soft ones, colorful, solid, pattern, etc. If it's a scarf, chances are I'm going to buy it. Here's my collection. (Don't judge. Also, my scarf holder was bought at IKEA for $2. It's meant for ties, but I use it for scarves.)

3. St. Ives lotion. This lotion is by far the best that I've tried to combat my dry skin. Not to mention that is smells delish! 


Lin said...

Holy cow you've got a lot scarves! Cute rack ;)

Ok, I've got to go get myself some of that EOS chapstick cause I've seen it listed 4x. I mean, it's got to be good, right? Thanks for linking up!

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