Nov 27, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

Holy late-ness!

1. I think I'm about to start my period because I've been really bitchy lately.

2. I am ALMOST done with Christmas gifts. I need to work that crochet hook a little faster. I hope Christmas comes soon so I can be done with all the Christmas crap. I'm just not feeling it this year. Maybe it's because I'm so far away from my Alaska family.

3. I feel the need to go out and make some friends. I hate living in a new state where I only know family. I love my SiL and all, but damn....I need some other friends.

4. I've secretly been looking at houses. I really want to move out of the situation I'm in. I'm hoping Hubster lands a really good job soon.

5. School starts soon! Waiting for financial aid to get their shiz together. They seem to want to take a long time with everything! My book list comes out soon and I'm not looking forward to paying the $500 in books I need. That's just for 3 classes.

6. I didn't realize how many boxes I actually have to send out this year.

7. The skin on my face is totally hating me right now. It doesn't know what it should do I guess being in a new cold climate and all. One minute it's itchy and dry and a few minutes later it's all oily and gross. Not to mention the redness. I've always had the worst face.

8. I'm still not happy with the groomer that cut Cosmo.

9. I'm really tired of everyone asking me if I'm ok or if I'm mad. No, I'm not ok, you keep asking me if I'm mad!!!!!! I just wish I could have an off day, be pissed about something stupid, then get happy about it.

10. I really need to schedule an oil change. I haven't had one since we left Alaska. It's been waaaaaaaaaaaaay over 3,000 miles. I know, I know, I'm a horrible auto owner. My truck is probably outside dying a little inside right now. I'm definitely going in tomorrow.


Lin said...

1. This was me last week. The hubs was like, 'ok so you're aware you're being a bitch, now stop it cause Im not making you bleed." haha
2. Lucky. I'm no where near done.
3. You should join a book club or something. People tend to be friendly around books :)
4. I'm crossing my fingers for you!
7. Mine's the same way. I hate not knowing what kind of day my face is gonna have. I always have to carry around two types of moisturizers.
10. Haha, I think we all do that. Or at least you & I do. I just bought my car a few months ago & barely had it's oil changed. We were over 2800 miles. Oops.

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