Dec 3, 2012

Boxed and sent!

These are the last of the boxes I needed to send out and I finally did it!
As of 5:30pm CST, they were pushed into the mailing box at the post office.
I was able to pay for the postage online, which turns out to be a tad bit cheaper on each box. Every cent helps now a days, so I was happy to save about $2 on all the postage.
I can't wait for the Alaska family and my blogging holiday swap partner to open their goodies.
I just have to wrap the presents for the family here in Minnesota and I'll be done.
Oh...and try to keep brother-in-law, sister-in-law, and Hubster from opening them all early!!
That's going to be quite the chore!


Lin said...

Go you! I know I shouldve gotten my packages out already because of the Christmas rush but I'm such a procrastinator that they probably wont go out until after xmas haha. Also, it's very good to know that shipping's a bit cheaper online. Like you said, every cent helps.

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